March 28, 2023
Brazilian rout over Tunisia was marred by yet another episode of racism in football. Team members repudiate and ask for punishment to offenders.

The Brazilian team’s 5-1 victory over Tunisia was marred by yet another episode of racism. In the celebration of the second goal, made by Richarlison, a supporter of the opposing team threw a banana towards the Brazilian players. After the match, the president of CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, technical commission and players protested and demanded punishments so that cases like this do not happen again.

Banana threw towards Richarlison

Follow below the positions of the striker Richarlison, the president Ednaldo Rodrigues and the coach Tite.

Richarlison: “I hope they recognize this fan and punish him. It’s difficult. There was the Vinicius Junior case recently and now it happens inside the stadium. I hope it gets punished and that it serves as a lesson for other people not to do this. We are sad at this moment. I hope they can recognize this guy and that he is punished to set an example so that it doesn’t happen. I didn’t see it at the time, thank God, because I was hot-headed and I don’t know what could happen. I hope this guy gets punished.”

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Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of CBF: “Once again, I come publicly to express my repudiation. This time, I saw it with my own eyes. This shocks us. We must always remember that we are all the same, no matter what color, race or religion. The fight against racism is not a cause, it is a fundamental change to sweep this type of crime from the entire planet. I insist that the punishments need to be more severe”.

Tite, coach of the Brazilian national team: “Football is not worth everything. Stadium is not for doing what you want. The process of punishment and identification must also be inside the stadium, with the fans. There’s no one to accept public exposure by taking name-calling or any situation. That the responsible bodies take a measure, a due action. That’s education. It is punishment for those who do the wrong things.”

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